Cell C Fixed LTE Terms and Conditions

Pricing includes VAT; router pricing is additionally subject to exchange rate fluctuations.
Once-off costs include delivery and SIM connection.
All packages have a hard data cap, i.e. once your data is used, you will not be able to use the service until you either purchase a top-up bundle or await the start of a new calendar month.
Top-up data bundles are valid for 30 days.
Once-off costs will need to be paid prior to a delivery instruction being issued or the router being made available for collection.
Cancellations and failed deliveries:

  • The courier partner will attempt to deliver a client’s SIM card (and LTE device, where applicable) up to a maximum of three times; should the delivery personnel be unable to make contact with the client after three attempts, the client will be billed R 372.60 as a failed delivery fee
  • Order cancellations, while the order is en route for delivery, will be treated as a failed delivery and billed accordingly
  • Cancellations on orders which have yet to leave the warehouse will be billed a minor cancellation fee of R 41.40
  • Cancellations in accordance with the Consumer Protection Act’s “cooling off” period of 5 working days after delivery will attract a cancellation fee of R 372.60
  • Cooling-off cancellations are subject to the client being reasonably available for a courier collection of the original LTE device (where applicable; confirmation of device will be done via IMEI number), up to a maximum of two attempts, failing which the client will be billed R 199.00 for an unsuccessful collection attempt
  • One calendar month’s notice is otherwise required for cancellations; upgrades or downgrades may be requested at any time and will come into effect during the following calendar month

Clients are responsible for ensuring they fall within the Cell C LTE coverage areas.
Clients are required to complete RICA registration with Adept, in line with current RICA legislation.
Please note that LTE services are offered as best-effort, with no Service Level Agreement or associated guarantees as to actual speed, service quality or availability.