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Organisations are faced with the challenge of identifying new technologies to give them a strategic advantage in the market, while at the same time striving to reduce costs. Increasingly this is being achieved by transitioning from on-premises solutions to cloud-based alternatives. The transition to cloud-based alternatives thus leads to bandwidth requirements increasing as the organisation requires higher speeds and better reliability.

The advantages of having a fibre solution in place include reduced total cost of ownership (TCO), reduced infrastructure complexity, and scalability to upgrade based on organisational needs. With these industry changes in mind, Adept now provides a scalable solution with flexible service options to overcome these challenges, help improve productivity and decrease costs to the organisation.

Why use FTTB?

Why use FTTB?

benefit from having a fixed IP

Benefit from the advantages of having a fixed IP address.

reliable internet connection

The network is optimised for business use – no protocol-based shaping applies

low latency

FTTB is a synchronous (same data rate speed for up/down stream) solution!

low latency

Upgrade turnaround times are short


*Pricing is excluding VAT.
All FTTB services are provided as an uncapped offering and have a 12-month minimum service term. The Octotel FTTB network provides a contention of 4:1.

A once-off setup cost of R 1,750.00 (excl. VAT) applies to all new Fibre services. This includes router setup and limited Fibre build work. Please note that excessive fibre build will be billed separately.

Onsite installation of devices can be arranged at a cost of R999 – within a 50km radius from our offices.

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