With a multitude of options to choose from, DSL services are still a mainstream service for many connectivity requirements. They are often found as part of backup solutions for keeping communications live, and form the backbone of SA’s home and business connections. DSL services remain an inexpensive and easy-to-manage connectivity choice.

There are two key considerations when choosing DSL: whether to use a Home or a Business account, and whether one needs a capped or an uncapped service.

We encourage potential and current users to contact us for expert advice when choosing services.

Home DSL Services

Home users are often faced with a requirement of affordable broadband data products. DSL services offer the opportunity to plan ahead and budget for specific usage requirements, while maintaining best use of the available DSL architecture.


  • Dynamic IP addresses
  • ADSL usage statistics
  • Online service portal for top-ups
  • Free Dynamic DNS (optional)

Business DSL Services

Internet access requirements and solutions in the current business landscape are continually evolving.  This evolution presents a challenge to businesses in accurately forecasting and scoping internet connectivity needs and usage. Thus, the availability of both capped and uncapped options on premier business connectivity allows decision makers the flexibility of choosing the most desirable option.

The selection of capped versus uncapped services can be based on whether prospective users prefer to prioritise available speed, or whether they would prefer the freedom of unlimited data.

Business DSL services are high-end business-orientated products, giving lower contention ratios and priority to work-related traffic during office hours.


  • Choice of either Static (5 useable IP addresses) or Dynamic IP address
  • DSL usage statistics
  • Online service portal for top-ups (capped packages only)
  • Usage notification warnings (capped packages only)
  • Free Dynamic DNS (optional; available on Dynamic packages only)
  • Pricing for Static IP services includes DSL router


  • Clients are required to have a functional Telkom line capable of supporting DSL services in order to make use of DSL products.
  • Adept is able to upgrade and transfer management of clients’ existing lines in order to consolidate product management.
  • Clients can keep management of Telkom lines as their own responsibility. In such cases, clients will be required to handle all Telkom-related enquiries.
  • DSL transfers and/or upgrades can take up to 10 working days.
  • Pricing for Home DSL products does not include the cost of a DSL router, which can be supplied upon request.

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