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Fault Logging

For each issue or query raised, a new Reference Number (Ticket Number) will be provided:

  • If the issue or query was communicated via email to, clients will receive a confirmation email with the Reference Number in the subject.
  • If the issue or query was raised telephonically (via the support number 021 888 6500 during office and support hours, or via the mobile support number 079-396-4085 during out-of-office hours), Adept’s support agents will open a ticket directly and provide clients with the Reference Number.

To ensure that all support tasks are dealt with in a timeous manner, clients are requested to supply Adept with the following details whenever possible / relevant:

  • Nature of the service in question
  • Symptoms experienced or relevant query
  • A timeline of events leading up to the support request (in the case of adverse issues)
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Remote Support

Should you require Remote Support to resolve your issue, please be aware of these terms and conditions applicable to the Remote Support service.

If you are on the line with our Client Services team, click here to access the Remote Support terminal.