Spam Protection

The Adept anti-spam service is a commercial service that is up to 98% effective at stopping spam and virus emails. The anti-spam server scans all emails for spam, before being sent on to the destination email server. Clients can manage Adept anti-spam with an easy-to-use web front end.

The client is required to have registered their own domain. They can either have virtual mail linked to their domain, or their mail hosted on their own email server.

Please note that all pricing below excludes VAT

All mail gets checked before being sent

Spam gets blocked before being sent to the destination mail server

Custom anti-spam rules/measures

Control and block unwanted email domains

Easy access to blacklists and white lists

Does my business need IT services?

Do you have trouble managing your servers and their performance?
Do you have security issues on the network and servers?
Do you have trouble dealing with malware and phishing or issues with the mail environment?
Do you have hardware that needs to be replaced or fixed?
Do you have devices that are not connecting properly in the office?
Do you find yourself regularly having to deal with an IT crisis?
Do you need a simplified IT system?
Do you have issues with VoIP and general connectivity?

If you have answered “yes” to any of the above questions then you need to consider outsourcing the expertise to a company that has the resources to futureproof your IT infrastructure, whilst improving on productivity and providing preventative solutions for cyber threats.

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