Enterprise Colocated Hosting

One of the cornerstones of a solid business practice is recognising opportunities to reduce costs and manpower requirements.  All the more reason to let us look after your servers, routers and firewalls in Teraco’s state-of-the-art Cape Town data centre, a secured restricted-access premises.

Adept’s Enterprise Colocated Hosting service, in partnership with world-class Teraco Data Environments, offers industry-leading data centre facilities, coupled with professional setup and monitoring. Irrespective of what function your hardware fulfils, you can rest assured that it can benefit from a new home with our team, saving you the hassles and costs of electricity, support and safety.

A variety of options are available with regards to infrastructure, ongoing support and redundancies.

Please note that all pricing below excludes VAT

24/7 monitoring

Rest assured that your hardware is monitored and problems are picked up quickly

Redundant UPSs and generators

Your hardware will run continuously whether there are disruptions to the power supply or not

Safety first

Fire detection and control mechanisms ensure the safety of your hardware

Controlled environment

A climate-controlled environment offers hosted hardware the best possible conditions

Which additional add-ons are there?


  • Cross-connect (copper)
  • Managed cross-connect (copper)
  • Cross-connect (fibre)
  • Managed cross-connect (fibre)
  • Layer 2 connection (Stellenbosch to Cape Town, 10 Mbit/s)
  • Extra Ethernet port (free upgrade to /29 range for VRRP)

Further custom options are available to clients upon request, including:


  • Devices falling outside the requirements specifications
  • Devices that are not servers, firewalls or routers
  • Devices that are not typically rack-mountable
  • Devices with loose or separate PSUs
  • Simultaneous installation of multiple devices, or more than 4 devices per client
  • Dedicated uncontended Internet bandwidth

Please let our Solutions Architects provide you with a bespoke solution scope, tailored to suit your exact needs.


Want enterprise-level cloud services?

Enjoy a wide variety of cloud services hosted locally in South Africa, with Azure!

Does my business need IT services?

Do you have trouble managing your servers and their performance?
Do you have security issues on the network and servers?
Do you have trouble dealing with malware and phishing or issues with the mail environment?
Do you have hardware that needs to be replaced or fixed?
Do you have devices that are not connecting properly in the office?
Do you find yourself regularly having to deal with an IT crisis?
Do you need a simplified IT system?
Do you have issues with VoIP and general connectivity?

If you have answered “yes” to any of the above questions then you need to consider outsourcing the expertise to a company that has the resources to futureproof your IT infrastructure, whilst improving on productivity and providing preventative solutions for cyber threats.

Contact us for a consultation or for more info!

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