Managed IT

The continued health and maintenance of your business IT infrastructure is of paramount importance – IT is typically the second-largest budget item in a business, making it a vital investment to protect. Outsourcing the management of your IT is the ideal solution to help you achieve maximum results from your hardware and software, in addition to having access to a large team of skilled technicians. Apart from the advantages inherent in a service dedicated exclusively to ensuring infrastructure health, there are also significant cost savings associated with allowing a Managed Services provider to handle such operations. Additionally, having all of your technological resources fully available at all times means there is no lost productivity due to IT-related downtime.

Our Managed Services portfolio caters for a variety of situations, from elementary monitoring needs to IT consulting and advanced proactive preventative measures. Backed by industry-leading capabilities and with support from an experienced and highly knowledgeable service team, clients are assured of a first-rate service provision to their full benefit.

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Improve Performance

Improve the efficiency of your IT infrastructure and achieve better results

Professional Technicians

Instead of having one person who is in control of your IT, you get a whole team of trained professionals who have experience in various fields

Reduce Costs

Save time and money by allowing us to look after your IT

Network Devices and Peripherals

Printers, scanners, routers, wireless access points, and many more similar devices are connected to your network and workstations. They form a vital interconnected part of your business IT, so make sure you give them the attention they need to function optimally. Furthermore, looking after your devices helps keep your network safe from threats.


Firewalls form a critical intrusion detection and prevention component of a secure network. They also play a heavy role in managing network traffic. Yet they are only effective if they themselves are kept updated with the latest upgrades, monitored to ensure performance, and tweaked to suit your business environment.

Desktops and

Your staff’s ability to work to their full potential can be limited by under-performing workstations. What’s more, outdated software is not only a performance factor, it’s also a direct threat to your IT security. Ensuring that work machines are fully patched, updated and kept in optimal running condition is essential for maintaining productivity.


Servers perform centralised functions for your business, whether IT-related or central to your daily operations. When a server develops an issue, it has the potential to adversely affect multiple individuals’ work. Keeping your servers monitored and their hardware healthy prevents unwanted downtime and maintains your operations at optimal levels.

Which Managed IT solution do I need?

The Managed Solution

Designed to proactively maintain workstations by delivering regular maintenance, monitoring, management, unlimited remediation, helpdesk and emergency support for a fixed monthly price.

The Proactive Solution

Designed to proactively maintain workstations by delivering regular maintenance, monitoring, and management for a fixed monthly price.

Does my business need IT services?

Do you have trouble managing your servers and their performance?
Do you have security issues on the network and servers?
Do you have trouble dealing with malware and phishing or issues with the mail environment?
Do you have hardware that needs to be replaced or fixed?
Do you have devices that are not connecting properly in the office?
Do you find yourself regularly having to deal with an IT crisis?
Do you need a simplified IT system?
Do you have issues with VoIP and general connectivity?

If you have answered “yes” to any of the above questions then you need to consider outsourcing the expertise to a company that has the resources to futureproof your IT infrastructure, whilst improving on productivity and providing preventative solutions for cyber threats.