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Fibre connectivity is a flexible solution to overcoming the challenges of reliability, bandwidth requirements and above all, speed. With download rates far beyond what traditional copper-based DSL broadband can offer, connecting your home office or small business with Fibre gives you the potential to access services on multiple devices simultaneously. Our FTTO services are available in areas where a current Openserve FTTH line already exists – there is no need for you to make use of a business Fibre connection. Same Fibre, better prices!

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Why use FTTO?

Why use FTTO?

benefit from having a fixed IP

Benefit from the advantages of having a fixed IP address.

reliable internet connection

The network is optimised for business use – no protocol-based shaping applies

low latency

Your line is monitored during business hours and you will be notified during an outage!

low latency

Upgrade turnaround times are short


*Pricing is excluding VAT.
All FTTO services are provided as an uncapped offering and are available as a month-to-month service or a 12 month contract. The Openserve FTTO network provides a contention of 4:1.  The service provides WiFi functionality, but clients are responsible for managing and maintaining their own wireless network. If you need assistance with this, we can help you at an additional cost.

A once-off setup cost of R 3,500 for month-to-month service, and R1500 for a 12 month contract applies to all new Fibre services. This includes router setup and limited Fibre build work. Please note that excessive fibre build will be billed separately.

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