Microsoft Office 365

Microsoft Office 365

easy access

Anywhere, anytime access.

updated software

Always have the latest office software versions.

tools for marketing & collaboration

Professional tools for marketing, collaboration and communication.

Easy setup and management.

Office 365 Business Features
Office 365 Business Features
Office 365 Business Features
Office 365 Enterprise Features

Get your employees working even more effectively on the cloud and offline with the latest Office offerings from Microsoft. Discover Office 365’s unparalleled sharing, storing and collaboration tools at affordable rates.

Choose the option that suits your needs best, with offerings tailored to both SMB and Enterprise-level clients. Benefit from both a monthly operational expenditure model and the ability to easily use features across the entire range of hardware, from work-based desktops all the way to mobile phones.

Making a move to cloud-based services isn’t the hassle that many think it is.

Sure, a business needs to maintain continuity in their IT functions. Security and data integrity must also remain at the top of any going business concerns. And businesses constantly need evolving IT ecosystems to stay ahead. That’s why Microsoft’s Office 365 offerings are such a boon – they combine the power of the cloud with the peace of mind that comes with the correct management.

Choose how fast you want to transition to the cloud

Making the transition to the cloud is not difficult, particularly when paired with a reliable and knowledgeable partner to assist you. Plus, the onboarding process allows you to add your current platforms to the cloud at a rate you and your business are comfortable with.

Enjoy more time to do what you do best

Keeping your productivity suite in the cloud leads to fewer technical concerns and issues – the systems are maintained by someone else, someone who is at the top of their game when it comes to uninterrupted service provision. And don’t for one moment think that working in the cloud means you have to stay connected. Office 365 allows you to work offline at will, and updated your files once you’re connected again.

Maintain full control of your data.

Microsoft commits entirely to safeguarding your data. It is never shared with other organisations, and they go so far as to deny their own staff access to it. Plus, if you should ever terminate your services, your data is returned to you in its entirety.

Collaboration is key

Finally, you’re also placed at the cutting edge of communications and collaboration. With everyone in your team or company making use of the same great tools, keep an eye out and watch your productivity grow.

For more information on the advantages of moving your business to the cloud, click here to read Microsoft’s cloud myth-buster guide.

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