ICT – Prepare the children for tomorrow

Previous posts have tackled both tertiary education initiatives as well as learning during your professional career. But we cannot overlook planning for a future. And that future, as most will agree, belongs largely to the following generations. There's stacks of material out there that covers the topic of what you should be teaching your offspring [...]

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Organisational transparency

In 2014, an article published in the Journal of Management defined the behaviour of transparency. It was termed as "the perceived quality of intentionally shared information from a sender". You will find a myriad of online and offline resources relating to such behaviour. Furthermore, they all point to a strong culture of good corporate governance. [...]

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Soft skills: hiring for the best company fit

Roughly 18 months ago, we wrote about why soft skills are becoming as much of a commodity as knowledge-based skills. Due to this trend, more hiring opportunities worldwide consider these skills than ever before. We take a look at how you can leverage this movement into a powerful force which works to your benefit. Soft [...]

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Communication drives what a business does

Communication is how we share ideas, information, requests, instructions and progress. It stands to reason, then, that it's going to permeate every aspect of your business. With this in mind, you should give it due consideration when planning and acting. Communication is everywhere The next time you do anything at work, think about the following: [...]

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Meet me halfway – modern approaches to meetings

Meetings are a common source of divided opinions. Some attendees will insist that they are a waste of time and resources. Others consider them to be invaluable for communicating. Still others are on the fence, seeing both advantages and disadvantages. Whichever side you may fall on, meetings are still common enough to warrant conducting them [...]

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