The KISS approach towards the small everyday wins

It's no coincidence that we bring up the subject of KISS during the month of Valentine's. Who doesn't love an approach that embodies efficiency and results? The concept of Keeping it Simple originated as a design principle back in the 1960s. Among its peers are popular variants such as "less is more" and Occam's Razor. [...]

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Office etiquette still means plenty

Mention the words "office etiquette" to someone random. You'll most likely receive either a raised eyebrow or the rolling back of eyeballs. Yet consider that it's about politeness, manners and tolerance. Thus, it isn't hard to see why it's both easy and desirable.   Office etiquette is simple "Do unto others as you would have [...]

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Making company culture a success

Make your company culture part of your organisation's processes and your staff's functioning. This ensures that your company will mature and improve, not just grow. Company culture needs to permeate all levels Irrespective of what culture model is present, it needs to be present everywhere. Much like breathable air only being useful if it is [...]

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