Arguably, the Internet has done more to bring populations and information together than any creation other than radio.

What is in need of improvement, though, is the availability of the Internet around the globe. The numbers from Internet World Stats show that worldwide penetration sits at 45% at the midpoint of 2015.

Encouraged by an upcoming documentary celebrating the history of the .ZA Internet, we decided to ask around the office and see what the whole deal means to people personally.

The results are a veritable mixed treat of feelings, experiences and insights!

With thanks to the Internet

“The Internet is my entertainment and my educator. I game quite a bit, and the gaming community wouldn’t be there without it. The web has taught me how to research my interests and fix a broken window frame. It helps me with my work, and I’d like to think I’m smarter thanks to being connected” – Grant Williams, Solutions Architect

“What more can I say, it’s been part of my work, my livelihood and my entertainment since 2003!” – Stephan Wippich, Junior Solutions Architect

“Among my first experiences with the Internet was online gaming. That community brought a whole lot of us together, and we’ve never looked back” – Luke Adams, Support Technician

“It’s almost a mirror to real life, as it plays a part in so many real life activities: leisure, education, research and finances. It helps to give people a voice, and due to a degree of anonymity, people may even voice their opinions where they’d normally have stayed quiet. Used correctly, it’s a powerful tool for positive change! Still has some way to go before it reaches everyone though.” – Francois van Niekerk, Senior Support Technician

“It’s like my own giant library, most of the data I require is there and easy to find. The Internet is my BIG friend!” – Rozell Nicholes, Office Administrator

“Everything I’m looking for, answers to my queries…it’s permanently there, and makes my routines so much easier. Be careful of the popups though :)” – Eutricha Pienaar, Senior Debtors Clerk

“All the info helps me figure things out and build my comprehension skills. The Internet really assists me in my tasks, and it’s often far simpler than asking. It enables more communication. Oh, and shopping…let’s not forget shopping online!” – Carla Pietersen, Accounts Specialist

“Between Instagram and online learning, I am connected, entertained and trained, mostly from the comfort of home. And being the leader in an online pool for a while was loads of fun!” – Nicola Koegelenberg, Creditors Specialist

“It’s freedom and knowledge, connecting everybody and bringing the world to your doorstep” – Francois Steyn, Integration Specialist

From our management

“It connects me to the world and the world to me; staying in touch would be harder without it. It also gives me daily learning experiences to my benefit” – Anne-Marie Malan, Office Administration Manager

“It’s a source of accessible information, and the solution to many of my questions from DIY to cooking. While I’d hesitate to get professional advice online, the ability to send out information immediately and be able to receive a fast reply is tremendous” – Paola van Eeden, HR Manager

“It means anything” (Googles ‘what does the Internet mean to me?’). “It’s endless resources for us to use. I prefer its interactivity to watching TV, and when I’m forced to go without it I feel…broken” – Kevin Blount, Client Services Manager

“The Internet…it’s been an exciting journey of both professional and self-discovery. It’s launched careers and provided a vast array of meaningful opportunities to so many individuals. It has made possible things which no one could have fully predicted, with regard to markets, services and social interactions. Finally, the most gratifying bit? Having been a small part of it all!” – Gideon le Grange, Managing Director

Thanks to all our staff members who participated in the process. Here’s to the continued success of the Internet!