Every year (sometimes more often), the MSP realm demands a realignment of solutions. This is necessary to match the ever-changing environment that managed services cater for. In addition, the client landscape tends to shift, as new business sectors come to realise the MSP advantage.

What does this mean for the Managed Services Providers, though?

The MSP that adapts, thrives

With a service field that is so widely based on technology, the services themselves must keep up. For this reason, successful Managed Services Providers (MSPs) evolve their offerings on a timely basis. This allows them to keep up with the demanding challenge set out by the changing technologies they support.

Adaptation isn’t just about the present, though. More than 2 years ago, we interviewed our own Technical Services team and listened to their take on where Managed Services would likely head in the future. It’s astonishing to see how many of the predictions actually came to pass. What’s more, the implementation of the predicted service models has been proven to be not only possible, but favourable. This goes to show that such adaptation is clearly a winning formula.

Adding value through choices

By the same token, such solution realignments ought to take into consideration how to offer more to clients. The value proposition for Managed Services should include the lower price of commodity services, as well as the opportunity to cover more and newer aspects of the technologies it looks after.

For example, looking after both virtual and physical servers now relies on the same tools. This means that both should be included into a service offering. Another example is the ability to bundle redundant connectivity and proper backups into a service offering. By taking care of a greater number of your clients’ needs, you not only position them better for achieving their own goals, but you also form the kind of relationship that ensures client loyalty.

Making it easier

Never underestimate the boon of experience, whether it comes from complete wins or losses one learns from. The advantage of an MSP that has been in business for a long time is that they have already identified many of the challenges present in what they do. What’s more, knowing how to overcome such challenges is something that they will do with far greater success.

The result of this is a smoother onboarding and implementation period from the clients’ point of view. While no transition is completely seamless, having such knowledge allows a provider to anticipate and cater for various demands or outlier cases that may present themselves. Another advantage is that it makes the service planning far more personal and appropriate, as fewer factors are uncertain to the trained eye. Finally, in an ideal situation, the provider is able to suggest options for future requirements, since they are more likely to have encountered them previously.

Always looking for the best possible way

At Adept, we take our Managed Services portfolio seriously enough that’s it’s constantly under scrutiny for improvements. That’s because we realise just how big a role those services play in the success of our clients. When we don’t have perfection right off the bat, we’ll try and innovate until we do. Our values are consistent with helping clients achieve their top potential.

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