Consider an organisation and its workforce. A one-size-fits-all approach hardly seems encouraging in this setting. Furthermore, this rings even truer if you take into account the diversity which permeates modern society. Yet, taking a solid look at the Office 365 approach, you’ll have cause to reconsider what you think you know about this.

Office 365 – built for working better

Using a best-of-breed product presents as many apprehensions as discernible advantages. For example, how do you know that support will be available to you? Similarly, what are the guarantees that your data, and that of your colleagues, is secure?

However, in many cases, there are few substitutes for using a tried-and-tested model. Microsoft’s Office 365 productivity suite is a case in point for this argument. Leveraging decades of experience and incorporating feature numbers usually reserved for Hollywood blockbusters, it’s an impressive result overall.

The learning curve is gentle. The familiar outlays are comforting. The integration is straightforward. And the service does what it’s meant to. It keeps productivity up and makes teamwork all the more possible and seamless.

The pros are definitely worth it

Not everyone is familiar with the advantages of the Office 365 solution. There are, however, several reasons for everyone to appreciate it.

Over and above the “work from anywhere connected” feature and the great collaboration tools, the fact that you’ll always be on the latest version of the software is an absolute boon. This is particularly true when discussing documentation, presentations and all their associated niggles. Aspects such as fonts, formatting, versioning and simultaneous editing aren’t everyone’s concern, but to those who need to pay attention, it’s critical to have an uninterrupted work flow.

What’s more, not everyone has to use the same package. You can subscribe each user to a particular package, one that contains only the features they need. This is not only a cost-saver, it’s also a time saver. Plus, you can upgrade or downgrade easily enough as individual requirements change.

Security and analytics well-covered

Microsoft has really pulled out the stops when it comes to end user and organisation security. While many of the relevant features are available only on some plans or as standalone additional services, they’re a layer of protection that is well worth it. For compliance alone, you should not overlook elements such as encrypted email, threat analytics and mobile device management, to name a few.

With proper analytics, you have instant Business Intelligence. Microsoft bills the latest MyAnalytics feature as a “fitness tracker for work”, and it certainly seems to fit the bill. While it might sound simple, the value of a breakdown of what you spend your work time on can be invaluable. What’s more, the MyAnalytics algorithms have been tweaked to offer tangible suggestions on how to get more out of your work day.

The Teams experience

When it comes to an integrated and mobile workforce, few platforms can match Teams. Available on the majority of Business and Enterprise packages of Office 365, Teams bring powerful tools, unmatched collaboration and ease of use to all. Furthermore, the platform is fully customisable, in order to meet individual preferences and requirements to the highest degree. This is a massive benefit to each user, as it creates a more harmonious platform balance which they themselves are able to set up. Plus, administrators can create and manage organisation-wide roles and policies for further team benefits.

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