We continue our blog miniseries on Adept’s company values with a detailed look at the combination of growth and innovation. While it’s odd to encounter two values as one, sometimes it’s unavoidable. At other times, though, it becomes downright brilliant. We examine why this is and how it guides us to help our clients achieve the same.

Why link two separate values together?

As an organisation, it was a challenging struggle when considering whether to set these two values apart or together. Although each value has unique merits, and can easily function independently within company culture, we found that the synergy they created with one another lent itself to our mission far better.

To understand why this is so, we had to examine this synergy, and we found that these two values operate as a team. You can see a great explanation of how in this quote from the European Central Bank: “One of the major benefits of innovation is its contribution to…growth. Simply put, innovation can lead to higher productivity, meaning that the same input generates a greater output. As productivity rises, more goods and services are produced – in other words, the economy grows.”

As a business organisation, we see the tremendous appeal in putting in the same amount of effort and achieving more. Thus, the notion of using innovation to back growth is an easy sell. What’s more, this growth in turn acts as a positive feedback mechanism to provide resources for further innovation.

At Adept, we make use of this mechanism at two levels. Firstly, at the organisational level, we plan endeavours in line with these values. This results in the application of best-of-breed technologies to help us solve technical challenges. What’s more, it also frees up working capacity, which enables us to spend more time assisting clients with their own challenges. Secondly, there is also application at the personal level. We consistently encourage our staff to find new and better ways of applying their skills. While this creates novel solution designs, it also provides them with time with which they can educate themselves further and expand their skillsets.

Growth and innovation for our clients

Years ago, we examined how offerings such as Managed Services build partnerships with clients, not just standard business relationships. This perfectly illustrates the link between our own growth and innovation and that of our clients.

This kind of partnership means that we are able to be intricately familiar with the business model of our clients. What’s more, since we use both innovation and associated growth as part of our values, we can help our clients do the same to a much higher degree than you’d expect. In a less varied sense, this works similarly to a business consultancy, though focused on information and communications technologies. The latter, however, play an increased role in the majority of modern businesses. It is thus with this in mind that we apply these values externally for our clients.

You can glean a solid example of this type of application with a typical scenario: a site audit followed by a comprehensive recommendation for a custom ICT solution. As part of the discovery process, we can ask pointed questions about an organisation’s workings and expectations. In addition, we derive future expansion possibilities and requirements at a micro- and macro-organisational level. This approach allows us to use extensive experience in similar scenarios (from our very own history and successes) to make far more accurate recommendations. Based on these, the solutions we propose involve far more operational efficacy and resilience for the target client.

Applying our values with the same standards internally and externally means we’re held to account by them. This is because we treat every client as if they were ourselves. Join us for the last in this series on our values next month!