2018: With increased growth comes increased responsibility

The modern Internet has become the literal fibre that connects businesses and society. What's more, this inter-dependence is increasingly on the rise. With the exponential growth of Internet users to 3.8 billion, we have seen our lives drastically improve. With this, however, comes an increased sense of responsibility. Gartner estimates more than 8.4 billion "Things" [...]

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Online Protection – Homes to Enterprises

The topic of online protection is talked about far and wide. Everyone who is connected is worried to some degree about whether they, their connection and their information are safe from prying eyes. Security measures range from the simplest software to multiple redundant layers of high-level threat assessment and blocking. The most fundamental element, though, [...]

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Here’s the IoT: Internet of Things

One of the predominant features of Managed Services is the ability to both automate and perform remote management of that automation. Being in a position to detect issues earlier leads to far better proactive action. The current upwards trend of the Internet of Things (IoT) bodes well for the future success of the managed approach. [...]

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Online backup made easy

World Backup Day falls on March 31st, and in the light of digital information security, we consider a basic approach to online backup. Why data backup should not be an afterthought When looking at connectivity technology today compared to 20 years ago, who would have thought that we would evolve from sending data using electrical [...]

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