Since the first local availability of Microsoft’s Office 365 packages, Adept has successfully leveraged the solution to offer clients the best-of-breed services. With the arrival of Microsoft Azure on our shores, we work with Liquid Telecom to bring Azure to you directly.  And we do so with the same excellence we’ve managed over decades of service.

The rollout of Office 365 presented hitherto undiscovered challenges in the implementation of business and enterprise-scale cloud solutions. Using a proven combination of skills, value-add and willingness to address individual clients’ needs, Adept was able to give rapid responses, fast deployments and ongoing client satisfaction.

Azure available in SA

Earlier this year, Microsoft saw fit to bring Azure’s superlative cloud service offerings to the African continent for the first time. Adept immediately seized upon the opportunity, realising the potential and benefits on offer. As a partner to both Microsoft SA and Liquid Telecom, we are ready for delivering the complete Azure service range.

Our valued partnership with Liquid Telecom has already shown great success. During the 2018-2019 period, Adept received an award as a top business partner of theirs, showcasing not only our commitment but our performance ability as well. This year, we aim to build on those successes and increase our relationship with Liquid Telecom. The opportunity to promote Azure over Liquid Telecom’s vast connectivity network and array of African data centres is one we are relishing and naturally excited about.

Azure itself is a highly placed and capable service solution, enabling clients to utilise better capabilities and innovate more easily. This ties in with our own core goal of helping our clients reach their full potential. In addition, the same reliability and robustness of Microsoft’s cloud is now far closer to you.  Furthermore, it’s backed up by people and organisations who understand the unique requirements of South African business. This translates into faster services, direct support channels, understanding service providers and a far better experience as a whole.

Why Azure through Adept makes sense

Azure services from Adept means we’ll provide the same quality you’ve come to know, as well as exceptional value. We consistently engage with our clients to ensure we better understand their business. This translates to far greater accuracy in our consulting regimen, which in turn leads to a wider range of benefits we can offer. We treating each case as an individual one. You will thus receive a bespoke solution that caters for your unique needs.

Finally, the combination of Azure and our own Managed Services opens up a new realm of possibilities. Imagine a workplace where all of your ICT is always available, always up to date, always secure and always supported.

We’re prepped and ready to leverage our skills to help clients maximise potential & minimise costs using Azure. Whether your business hinges on serverless computing, future design or seamless 24/7 operations, you can be confident in an Azure solution provided and supported by Adept. Contact us to find out more or to request your Azure service today!

Adept ICT has been a premier solutions provider for 23 years. We couple our pedigree in excellent client-centric service to our ever-increasing drive, helping your business prosper.
*This article also appeared as a press release on ITWeb.