Supporting your community through outreach programs is a great way to reinforce your company values. Not only are you reminding yourself what your values stand for, you’re also helping others develop further.

At Adept, we thrive on our core values of Excellence, Growth & Innovation, and being People-Centric. What’s more, we strive to apply these values both internally and externally. This is simple to do with our own work, and with our clients. But what about our community? Social responsibility, especially that geared towards promoting people and businesses, should always be part of a company’s work structure.

Lending your skills to your community

We’ve written about the various ways you can support charity initiatives. While this is always appreciated, it doesn’t necessarily mean you’re leveraging what you’re best at in order to help others. Another approach involves you or your organisation using your direct skills or services to enable your recipients to achieve more. Essentially, you’re using the best part of you to provide greater more or greater opportunities.

At Adept, for example, connectivity services are part of our roots. We do them extremely well. So it’s no surprise that we typically choose to offer pro bono connectivity services to some of our outreach partner organisation. For groups like the Stellenbosch Night ShelterProchorus Community Development and Huis Horison, being connected means they can carry on their excellent work. They depend on their Internet connection for running their activities. Tasks such as communication, finances and event management rely on that connectivity for success.

Adept is proud to be a supporter of these organisations for many years. We hope we are always in a position that permits us to help. At some point, though, we wondered if there was a next step that we could take.

Going the extra distance

We first came across Danny’s Maintenance Services years ago, when we experienced the need for quality building work. They did not disappoint, and today still form part of our service supplier network. When we realised the extent to which their performed their operations manually, however, we roped in our values and hatched a plan.

Fast forward to today, and Danny’s Maintenance boasts a simple yet modern website, designed and hosted by Adept. It showcases a portfolio of their excellent work and describes the services available. What’s more, it allows you to request a quote directly. To top it all off, Adept also provided a laptop for communication and documentation, and appointed a company to assist Danny’s Maintenance with both their accounting and payroll requirements.

All of this is a far cry from their prior model of word of mouth and battling with manual paperwork. And the results are clear – Danny’s Maintenance has grown in leaps and bounds since these transitions. For them, it’s been a glorious change into a connected business. For us, it’s a huge chunk of satisfaction, having helped our partner to maximise their potential. We continue to make use of their excellent services to date.

The formula for community development isn’t always the same, but the central tenets usually are. Keep to your values, offer only something of tangible value, and do what you know how to do! Adept is proud to be associated with these organisations and extremely thankful for the work that they do!