Information and communications technology (ICT) changes more rapidly than we can usually perceive. The last few years were particularly fast-paced, with no indication that 2020 will be any slower. You can accommodate this by keeping an eye on the top ICT trends for the year ahead. Global spending in this industry is set to hit nearly US$ 4 trillion, and that’s a number anyone will (and probably should) pay attention to.

ICT trends and the role they play

When you examine the predicted trends in any given industry, you gain insight into how it may perform or behave in times to come. This is particularly true if you’re already knowledgeable on the subject matter.

Tech industries are no different. Each year, experts look at what transpired, and make some predictions as to what to expect. These are often useful for plotting out a roadmap for your personal or work goals.

How do you go about this? You find out what will become available and leverage it into your strategy. For example, the Wireless Application Service Providers’ Association says there will be a lot more opportunities for app development in 2020. Using this knowledge, current and prospective developers may well adjust their medium-term actions to take advantage of the boom.

Prominent move to cloud services

A number of cloud providers gave clues as to just how much growth they’re forecasting this year. And these aren’t minor organisations either. Giants such as Microsoft and Huawei already run data centres in South Africa. What’s more, similar forces like Oracle and Amazon will be launching their own local cloud services soon. This is providing an almost-instant landscape abundant in both possibilities and competition, both great drivers of innovation and promoters of business.

Coupled with this are the opportunities which are already possible. ICT trends such as cloud computing prominence also advance avenues such as advanced digital marketing. Agencies are busy figuring out how to make the best use of the new available tools. In addition to this, there are a number of service providers locally, Adept included, who are already able to offer what the cloud has to offer.

Data Security

Whether from a legislative or protective point of view, no one can afford to ignore the safety of the information they hold. The occurrence of technology-based attacks has been on the rise for some years. If you add to this the increasing amount of critical data generated, any individual or business has a greater responsibility than before to safeguard it. The vital element notwithstanding, it’s mandatory to afford clients a reasonable level of data protection.

What’s more, there appears to be a troubling lack of relevant skills which would address potential problems. This places not only the data but the holding organisation itself at risk. Businesses are well aware of this, and their leaders have sounded the call to address this during 2020.

Further ICT trends

Naturally there’s much more to look forward to during the year ahead. Advances in machine learning herald exciting new technology applications. Uses of artificial intelligence and augmented reality have only just scratched the surface so far. And as technology continues to blur the boundaries between the digital and physical worlds, many more trends will be revealed.

We at Adept are keen to see what the years ahead will bring. The trends above are just our own view, and we hope to encounter many more!