Managed ICT services have a reputation, and that reputation continues to grow at the same rate that their effectiveness does. We took a look at what we’ve seen and coupled it with thoughts from others. We see a clear judgement – Managed ICT deserves its spot as a go-to solution.

Of course, you’ll see some of its benefits right away. Others can be a little harder to discern, though you’ll experience them in due course.

You should also bear in mind that managed services are not the same as something that’s simply outsourced. Managed services constitute an ongoing and improving set of tasks and skills, not just an on-demand bit of work or function.

Direct benefits of Managed ICT – cost and focus

Not the least among these is the ability to control your business costs. Moving to an operational expenditure model for your technology needs gives you a far longer vision of what you can expect to spend. What’s more, this spend is often more flexible than a typical break-fix approach.

The main benefit, however, is the shift in focus that Managed ICT clients enjoy. You’re effectively freed from running and worrying about your own infrastructure. This means that you can take a step inwards and really drum up the concentration on your core business. With a proper service and contract in place, your provider will only notify you of pending issues when they need your input.

The comparison with in-house ICT

It’s easy to slate Managed ICT as being “tech support from afar”. Some often make the argument that it’s better to have your support right next door to you. The crux of it, however, is that this isn’t always a service with the skills to give you advance warning of possible issues. You should therefore very carefully consider the value in knowing about problems upfront.

Furthermore, you also need to consider the available resources. With an in-house model, you’ll rarely have all the skills you need at all the right levels. In contrast to this, Managed ICT providers have a much larger set of resources. This positions them far better to leverage these resources towards solving a particular matter, irrespective of the client. Finally, things such as illness, leave or other related staff absences don’t affect their operating models.

Consider your needs and choose carefully

It’s all very well and good to think to yourself “I need this set of skills” and hire accordingly. What you probably aren’t taking into account, though, is that the nature of ICT skills changes rapidly. Your team may not be able to adapt fast enough if that isn’t your main business focus. In addition to this, you’ll find it very costly to maintain enough personnel to cover all technology needs 24/7/365.

Gearing up and finding a value-adding Managed Services provider, then, seems to be a logical business step for most SMMEs. What’s more, a reputable provider will help you from the word go. They will thoroughly analyse your requirements, suggest things you may not have considered, and offer you a tailored solution. In doing this, they aim to ensure that they build a solid partnership with you. This is critical, as it means that the continuity of your business becomes as important to them as it is to you.

Staying ahead of the curve

Once again, technology and all associated compliance may not be your stock in trade. What you can count on, though, is that a decent Managed ICT provider makes sure that they keep abreast of the latest developments. This translates to you not needing to worry about your infrastructure, licensing requirements, updates and upgrades.

Since this is all taken care of for you, you’re left with little else to do therewith but enjoy the advantages conferred to you. What’s more, you can work with your provider to leverage even more performance from our systems, all geared towards optimising your business performance. The difference is often tangible, and the opportunities this can open up make it more than worthwhile.

Adept is a premier Managed ICT solutions provider. We take utmost care in ensuring our offerings are matched to clients’ individual requirements, and have a long history of successful integration with our clients to the benefit their business.