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Choosing the right mail solution

You might expect that with a ubiquitous service such as mail, making the right choice is easy. After all, it's a straightforward decision, isn't it? Consider the options, add in your budget requirements and see what fits the bill. You might expect that. You might, however, not be totally right. And what you ultimately find [...]

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Financial literacy – something for all staff

The notion of providing a sound understanding of basic financial literacy is not new. It is, however, a notion that grows in importance, as finances permeate further and further downwards within company structures. In addition, individuals can use what they learn from work-based sources to aid them in their private lives. Financial literacy under the [...]

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Managing client-facing events

Our recent successful official launch of our Managed Services portfolio taught us several important lessons about corporate events. Short of an event planning company or a department dedicated to this, few SMEs inherently have the skills for full-out event management. As a result, this shortfall is thus often covered by applying more work hours and [...]

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IPv6: What’s the deal and how to get started

The connected world is rapidly running out of assignable IPv4 addresses. According to a calculator by APNIC (the regional Internet registry for Asia and the Pacific) blogger Geoff Huston, most geographical areas have exhausted their IPv4 address pool. The African Internet community, whose addresses are managed by Regional Internet Registry Afrinic, is slated to run [...]

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Communication drives what a business does

Communication is how we share ideas, information, requests, instructions and progress. It stands to reason, then, that it's going to permeate every aspect of your business. With this in mind, you should give it due consideration when planning and acting. Communication is everywhere The next time you do anything at work, think about the following: [...]

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Meet me halfway – modern approaches to meetings

Meetings are a common source of divided opinions. Some attendees will insist that they are a waste of time and resources. Others consider them to be invaluable for communicating. Still others are on the fence, seeing both advantages and disadvantages. Whichever side you may fall on, meetings are still common enough to warrant conducting them [...]

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