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Sustainable enterprises – building for tomorrow

A sustainable venture is not just a long-lasting one. Providing the means for sustainability from the onset offers advantages and opportunities to other future ventures. In addition, it's the socially responsible course to take. Modern society and the integration of ICT We live in a data-driven society. Data is growing at an exponential rate, more [...]

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Work-based ways to alleviate transport congestion

We work in a country where places are often separated by some distance. Additionally, transport options to and from work typically require a lengthy commute. Add this to a lack of viable public transport in many instances. It is thus easy to see why commuter traffic is so congested. As a result, and until we [...]

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Charity begins at the office – send out a call to action

The idea of charity work or community contributions sits in various places within different organisations. In order to assist in taking that first step, we look at a number of ways to make a difference. Charity isn't always a complex matter It's a false notion that charity is a lengthy and arduous process. While there [...]

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